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Step One:

What's Involved with the Online
Personal Financial Management Workshop


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Internet Registration and Disclosure

This financial management workshop assists participants in goal-setting, maintaining and using financial documents and recordkeeping systems to aid in responsible financial decision-making. The workshop also contains insight into debt warning signs and personal credit analysis. It is structured in three topics: Budget Development, Money Management, and Wise Use of Credit. Each participant will review the topics, participate in a telephone class and complete a financial literacy test. All sections must be completed including passing a Comprehensive Financial Literacy Test to receive a certificate. Upon completing the coursework and successful testing, a Certificate of Completion will be awarded to each participant within 3 days.


  • Comprehensive Credit Counseling of Rural Services offers its Personal Financial Management Workshop without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, disability, personal appearance, ability to pay or any other basis prohibited by law.
  • Rural Services of Indiana, Inc. is a non-profit agency that is funded in part by grants. Rural Services does not receive or pay any fees or other consideration for the referral of debtor students.
  • The Personal Financial Management Workshop instructors are trained specifically to provide this workshop. In addition the instructors of Rural Services of Indiana, Inc. have been presenting financial management seminars since 1995. Their individual qualifications are available upon request.
  • Comprehensive Credit Counseling of RSI does not house the resources to provide services to limited English proficiency participants but will make referrals when needed based on the United States Trustee list of providers with such resources. Clients in need of these services should visit for additional information.
  • Rural Services of Indiana, Inc. is prohibited from selling of information about debtor without debtor’s written consent.
  • Rural Services of Indiana, Inc. does not require a debtor to purchase instructional services in connection with the purchase of any other service offered by RSI.
  • Rural Services of Indiana, Inc. might disclose debtor information to the United States Trustee in connection with the United States Trustee’s oversight of the Provider, or during the investigation of complaints, during onsite visits, or during quality of service reviews.
  • United States Trustee has reviewed only the Provider’s instructional course and its services as a credit counseling agency pursuant to 11 U.S.C. 111(c)), and the fact that the United States Trustee has neither reviewed nor approved any other services the Provider provides to debtors.


Our Standard Fee is $25.00 per certificate HOWEVER,

  • A total fee waiver is available for those whose filing fee from the Bankruptcy Court is waived. Contact Comprehensive Credit Counseling at 1-800-288-6581.
  • Fees are payable at this time by debit, credit card or by mailing a cashier's check or money order. Those that mail payment will be registered for the on-line program upon receipt of the payment.


If a participant provides written notice that they are no longer interested in completing the workshop with Comprehensive Credit Counseling of RSI prior to their commencement of receipt of the Personal Financial Management Workshop they are entitled to a full refund of their purchase price. However, once the workshop is shipped or they begin reviewing the workshop, they will no longer be entitled to a refund.


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